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Patricia Kelly Ralabate

Your UDL Lesson Planner

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Many teacher resources explore the fundamentals of universal design for learning (UDL).

This one takes UDL to the next level for educators who understand the basics--and can't wait to start using UDL in their lesson plans and classrooms.

In this practical, accessible guidebook, UDL expert Patti Kelly Ralabate walks teachers through the entire UDL lesson planning process, from developing learning goals to monitoring student progress. Through vignettes, exercises, video demonstrations, and other immediately useful resources, K-12 educators will discover how to translate UDL from theory to practice and plan lessons that meet every learner's needs. An essential guide for teachers, college instructors, specialized instructional support personnel, IEP team facilitators, curriculum planners, and inclusion facilitators, this book will help educators supercharge their lesson plans with one of today's best teaching approaches--and improve outcomes for students with and without special needs.

This book helps teachers

... Review and understand the big ideas of UDL--what it is, what it's not

... Create effective learning goals based on content and performance standards

... Make sure learning goals are S.M.A.R.T.: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Results-oriented, and Time-bound

... Design lesson plans that address learner variability--even when teachers don't yet know the specific needs of every student

... Measure what matters by applying UDL principles to assessment of student progress

... Infuse UDL features into traditional instructional methods (with examples of how 10 other educators did it!)

... Enhance UDL lessons with materials, tools, and media that add real value

... Use self-reflection strategies and professional learning communities to continuously strengthen everyday practice

Practical materials: To guide teachers through each phase of the lesson planning process, the book includes scenarios, models, charts, application exercises, reflection questions, check-ins, and 7 classroom videos (available online) that bring key UDL concepts to life. Educators will also follow the lesson planning process of three teachers as they apply UDL for the first time.

Patricia Kelly Ralabate, EdD, joined CAST as Director of Implementation in September 2011 and currently teaches bilingual and special education policy courses for The George Washington University Graduate School of Education and Human Development. Previously, she served as a Boston College postdoctoral fellow in residence at CAST, working on universal design for learning leadership issues. She has worked for 25 years with many students with ASD as a speech-language pathologist in Connecticut public schools.

176 pages. 2016

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