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Michelle Garcia Winner, Pamela Crooke and Social Skill Builder

You Are a Social Detective (CD-ROM)

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You Are a Social Detective has 6 exciting levels with more than 200 video prompts to break down social situations into functional terms.åÊ

A collaborative effort between Social Skill Builder and Michelle Garcia Winner & Pamela Crooke of Social Thinking, this interactive CD teaches school age children to become better social thinkers by putting on their detective hats and deciphering the understanding of expected and unexpected social behavior. It teaches users how to use their eyes, ears and brain to make smart social guesses and investigating clues to see how others emotions and responses are connected to their own behavior. This software program, complementing the Social Thinking book, You are a Social Detective, has 6 exciting levels to deal with social situations including:

... Understanding Others' Comfortable/Uncomfortable Thoughts

... Understanding Others' Expected/Unexpected Behaviors

... Guessing Others' Thoughts and Emotions

... Making Smart Guesses

... Using Your Tool Box Items (Eyes, Ears & Brain)

... Using Social Mapping

The CD features a fun mystery-themed jingle and uses a footprint, magnifying glass and clues theme. Automatic data collection and a built-in game feature rewarding correct answers adds to the motivation.

Ages 7-12, 2011



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