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Patricia Schetter and Kandis Lighthall

White Board--Words and Thoughts Activity Pack

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The White Boards Words and Thoughts "Deluxe Kit" provides educators or parents with all the materials needed to implement the ideas outlined in the White Boards Words and Thoughts Idea Booklet.

The Kit is packaged in a durable plastic folder with a Velcro closure to keep all materials together.

The Activity Pack includes the tools needed to teach emotional content and the perspective skills necessary to interpret emotions and feelings.

12 Piece "Deluxe Kit" includes:

... Easy store vinyl case

... Oval shaped White Board

... Cloud shaped White Board

... Rectangle shaped White Board

... White Boards Words and Thoughts Idea Booklet

... Set of SIX dry erase markers in assorted colors

The visual and tactile qualities of these materials have proven to make learning the subtleties of communication more understandable and enjoyable for everyone

Patricia Schetter, MA, has been serving children on the autism spectrum and with other behavioral/developmental challenges since 1990. She has worked as a classroom teacher, behavior analyst providing consultation services in a variety of settings including home and school programs and as a program specialist for children with ASD. In addition to holding a masters degree with an emphasis in behavior analysis, Patty has her PPS credential for school counseling and has spent many years as a public school employee. She has been an invited presenter at many local, national and international conferences. She is the author of Learning the R.O.P.E.S. for Improved Executive Function and The Autism Program Development and Review Protocol (APDAR).

Kandis Lighthall received her B.A. from Sacramento State University in 1970. She earned her MA in Education with an emphasis in special education in 1984, from California State University at Chico. Throughout her career she has worked with many populations however, her main focus area has been students with moderate to severe disabilities including autism. Kandis began her teaching career in British Columbia, Canada where she established one of the first integrated classrooms for students with moderate to severe disabilities on a general education campus. Upon her return to California she established one of the first inclusive classrooms on a community college campus for students with moderate to severe disabilities. Her classroom was a Special Education Resource Network (SERN) demonstration site for the Individual Critical Skills Model (ICSM). She has been an invited presenter at TASH, CEC, CARS+, the Capital Autism Conference and is the 2006 recipient of The Carol Gray Award for her contributions to the field of Autism education. Kandis is the author of The Student Participation Checklist, R.E.A.D.Y. for Inclusion and What Makes School Great?.



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