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Catherine S. Snodgrass

What's That Look On Your Face?

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Catalog No. 25872Imagine spending a year in middle school without being able to talk with friends or understand the Recognizing and interpreting facial expressions and the feelings they represent poses great challenges for children with language and communication difficulties, including those with an autism spectrum disorder. This strikingly illustrated book helps young readers link faces to feelings by presenting situations they can all relate to. Each page spread is devoted to a feeling expressed through an exaggerated facial expression accompanied by a short poem that further elaborates on the expression to reinforce its meaning. This is a book particularly for parents, general and special educators (Gr 3-5), and OT's.

The foreword by Diane Twatchman-Cullen includes activities designed to help children develop the skills necessary to recognize common facial expressions using the accompanying poster-size chart of the twelve basic feelings covered.

"A creative and rhythmical tour of basic feelings, facial expressions, and gestures with a foreword by Dr. Diane Twachtman-Cullen that will bring this resource to life. Catherine S. Snodgrass has the talent to address the complexity of emotions with disarming simplicity and charm. The result is a sure winner among educational resources."--Carol Gray, director, The Gray Center

"The puzzle, what-the-heck does that facial expression mean, is finally solved in Catherine S. Snodgrass's book What's That Look on Your Face? While this book is a fantastic resource for children with autism spectrum disorders, I venture to say adults on the spectrum might enjoy it, too! I know I did!"--Liane Holliday Willey, EdD, author of Pretending to be Normal: Living With Asperger's syndrome

"This is a phenomenal children's book. The unique style of the illustrations is incredibly expressive and engaging, which is particularly important when the book's primary purpose is to help those on the autism spectrum identify and understand facial expressions and the emotions they represent. The rich vocabulary is equally engaging with an amazing rhythm that will delight children and adults alike."--Jennifer Veenendall, OTR/L, author/illustrator of Arnie and His School Tools: Simple Sensory Solutions That Build Success

"Catherine S. Snodgrass has done it again! What's That Look on Your Face? will be a wonderful addition to any library. Every page is filled with descriptive emotional terms that will lead to insightful discussions of the pictures that follow. As an added bonus, there are wonderful ideas included at the beginning of the book to make it a practical intervention tool."--Teresa A. Cardon, MA, CCC-SLP, faculty research associate, Arizona State University, and author of Let's Talk Emotions and Initiations and Interactions: Early Intervention Techniques for Parents of Children with autism spectrum disorders

"Teaching emotions requires more than labeling some faces on a chart. Catherine S. Snodgrass "gets it." Her delightful book What's That Look on Your Face? is an effective visual tool to help teach the complex meanings behind emotions."--Linda Hodgdon, MEd, CCC-SLP, author of Visual Strategies for Improving Communication

"Deciphering facial expressions and emotions is a challenge for individuals on the autism spectrum. What's That Look on Your Face? uses beautiful illustrations and clear definitions delivered through the fun cadence of rhyme to interpret this topic for children. Catherine S. Snodgrass' latest book is a must for children, parents, and professionals."--Nancy L. Lawson, MA, special education teacher and parent of a child with Asperger syndrome

29 pages. 2008

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