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Carolyn Lindstrom and Bonita Drolet

What's Missing: Best Practices for Teaching Students with Disabilities

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What's Missing describes the ten research-based practices that have proven effective in working with students with disabilities.

The practices for instruction and for inclusion are detailed in individual chapters in order for the reader to select a specific practice, read information about it, review a possible scenario, and then be given specific strategies on how to implement it. The book begins with an introduction and a brief history of special education legislation to the present.

"The dauntingly complex world of special education needs a clear road map to navigate. This book provides that map with comprehensive, yet practical, information. Educators of all job descriptions , as well as parents, will find the assistance they need in acquiring the vast knowledge that is essential to facilitate their abilities to think and speak intelligently about how to meet the complex learning needs of students who belong to our special education population.

"A sense of true understanding of the multitudinous issues that surround the work of special education can be very complicated and difficult to develop. To have students with such a variety of needs mostly mainstreamed in regular education classes can become overwhelming to teachers who don't have a specific plan as to how to best guide each of their students from their 'entry level' with learning standards and move then forward to competence.

"This book provides a great deal of information about how teachers can accomplish this essential outcome with all their students. A large variety of teaching strategies are explained with specifics provided to assist teachers in making the most effective matches possible."--Susan Winebrenner, author, Teaching Gifted Kids in Today's Classroom and Teaching Kids with Learning Difficulties in Today's Classroom

Dr. Carolyn Lindstrom has taught grades K-12 in general and special education and has been a private school administrator for alternative high schools. She currently teaches students with moderate-to-severe disabilities, working with other teachers in collaboration and co-teaching to include all students and providing access to general education curriculum.

Dr. Bonita Drolet has served in teaching and administrative capacities for pre-kindergarten through 8th grade and the university level. She is sought after by many school districts and private enterprises to assist them in building successful organizations. She has consulted with the Department of Education in Washington D.C., city governments, schools, and districts.

142 pages. 2017



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