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Diana Luckevich

Verbal Behavior Targets

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This reference book is an important resource for anyone teaching a student with language delays, especially the child diagnosed with autism.

The included word lists, phrases, sentences and questions help to develop the building blocks of functional communication. Made up of over 5,000 language targets, the book employs a variety of additional skill sets to track language goals. The book is organized into categories for quick reference and encompasses the unique concepts, words, word combinations and mands (requests),that are essential to early language intervention. Diana Luckevich, PhD, has produced an indispensable tool for teachers, professionals and parents alike. While Verbal Behavior Targets specifically focuses on supporting the child with autism spectrum disorders (ASD), it is also geared toward instruction for children with a variety of language delays, as well as for introducing early word skills to typical learners.

This book includes word lists and word combinations, categorized by word families: nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, verbs plus nouns, nouns plus nouns, fill-in-the-blanks, verb tenses, receptive instruction, categories, features, functions and topics for conversation.

This book is an accessible tool for ESL learners, children with Down syndrome, autism, language delays and developmental disabilities. It provides common, functional and relevant language goals for typical children who are just learning word skills. There are additional spaces and worksheets for teachers and parents to customize and track language for individual children.

"This book is a critical component for both parents and teachers seeking to provide a language based program for the ASD student. The information presented addresses language in all areas at all levels and enables the user to follow the necessary steps to ensure the best possible outcomes!"--Lisa Squadere-Watson, Parent and Executive Director of Project LINK

"This handy book is an indispensable resource for language programs of all kinds, ABA abd VB-ABA programs especially but others as well. The learning targets are well thought out and comprehensive. They save a great deal of time and can contribute greatly in the construction of a consistent, well thought out educational plan. I've been recommending this book to all of my teachers and familes."--Tyler Fovel, Strategic Alternatives, Board Certified Behavior Analyst, author of The ABA Program Companion



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