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Paul E. Jones and Andrea Thompson

The Up and Down Life

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Paul Jones, a standup comedian and workshop leader who suffers from bipolar disorder, uses humor, honesty, and hard-won practical advice to dispel the stigma surrounding mental illnesses and shed light on the challenges of living with bipolar disorder.

Offering an intimate view of life with bipolar disorder--including the most common mistakes bipolar individuals make and how to avoid them-- and covering every aspect from diagnosis, social life, home life, and career, this is an accessible and engaging guide from someone who's been there and can help readers cope and thrive.

Paul E. Jones is a popular standup comedian and motivational speaker who was diagnosed with bipolar disorder in 2003. His mission and passion in life is to educate people who suffer from bipolar disorder, as well as those who treat and love them.

Andrea Thompson is a New York based freelance writer who has cowritten many popular books in the areas of health, psychology, relationships, and parenting.

256 pages. 2008

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