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Brent Anderson and Linda Gund Anderson

Unintentional Humor

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Catalog No. 27429"I've got a frog in my throat", "She's under the weather" and "A school of fish" are examples of the hilarious stories and cartoons in Unintentional Humor: Celebrating the Literal Mind of Autism.

Written by a young man with autism and his mother, this book will help you realize the communication challenges for people on the autism spectrum. It will enlighten people to their literal minds, and be entertaining at the same time. The definitions in the back of the book are helpful for families, teachers, and everyone involved with autism spectrum disorders.

Unintentional Humor: Celebrating the Literal Mind is a compilation of stories and cartoons depicting the literal way that many on the autism spectrum interpret figurative language. The book has an easy-to read-format that is filled with hilarious stories and cartoons. Unintentional humor appeals to people of all ages and genders, making you laugh at some of our most common expressions. The stories will bring an increased awareness and improve communication for all of those living and loving someone on the autism spectrum.

Brent Anderson is the inspiration for the book. Although not diagnosed with autism until the age of 13, Brent began intensive speech and language therapy at age 3. Due to his literal interpretation of language, he often experienced frustration and anxiety while communicating with others. Working with speech therapist, Andrea Mann, of Boulder, CO, Brent spent countless hours learning the meaning of ambiguous words and phrases. His mother, co-author, Linda Gund Anderson, recognized that Brent's language challenges were not unique and the idea for Unintentional Humor was born. Linda Gund Anderson has spent years as an advocate for people with disabilities. She fought for classroom accommodations, inclusion, and more therapy in public schools. She is an effective fundraiser and is committed to raising funds for autism organizations. She created the Celebrate Autism Foundation which will donate a portion of all book and merchandise sales to autism organizations around the country.

167 pages. 2011

Grades 4- adult



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