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Clarabelle van Niekerk and Liezl Venter; Illustrations by Clarabelle van Niekerk

Understanding Sam and Asperger's Syndrome

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Catalog No. 24207

2010 Winner of the Dolly Gray Children's Literature Award.

This warm story tells of the challenges of living with Asperger syndrome, a form of autism.

This firsthand view of the life of an undiagnosed child presents behaviors and characteristics that are common among children with this disorder. Sam doesn't like his pancakes to touch, his sister is annoyed with his repetitive song, and his new coat hurts his skin, but once he is diagnosed, teamwork-based support helps Sam's life become a little easier. With endearing illustrations, the book includes 10 helpful tips geared toward children, showing them how to respect and accept differences as well as to interact with a classmate or friend with Asperger syndrome.

"PreSchool-Grade 2--A third-person past-tense narrative tells the story of Sam, a boy with Asperger syndrome. Positive qualities are listed first: "Sam loved to giggle‰Û_. Sam was a happy boy." Next come some of his challenges: he is afraid of loud noises, he has trouble making friends, and he does not like change. When he leaves the house at night, walking all the way to the local fairgrounds because he loved the Ferris wheel so much, his parents know that something must be done. They take him for a checkup and receive the diagnosis. The doctors and therapists give them some suggestions for helping their son at home and at school. The book concludes with Sam playing the cello at a school concert. Because of the interesting story line, the positive approach, and the notion that others can learn to help Sam instead of expecting him to change, this is an excellent introduction to the topic. The pictures are bright and lively, showing mostly happy faces. The book concludes with 10 helpful tips to remember when a friend or a classmate has Asperger's. A useful introduction for both children and adults."--School Library Journal

"An entrancing story that will enable children to appreciate the perspective of someone with Asperger's syndrome."--Tony Attwood, PhD, author of The Complete Guide to Asperger's syndrome

"This book should be in every elementary school library to encourage other children to help a child who has Asperger's syndrome."--Temple Grandin, PhD, author of Thinking in Pictures, Animals in Translation and many other books.

44 pages. 2008

Catalog # 24207

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