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Marci J. Hanson and Eleanor W. Lynch, with Marie Kanne Poulsen

Understanding Families. Second edition

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Today's American families are more complex and diverse than ever before--and today's child and family professionals must be fully prepared to meet their needs. Interventionists educators, health care professionals, therapists, and social workers will get the strong foundation they need with the second edition of this trusted textbook, a comprehensive guide to working effectively and respectfully with contemporary families.

Respected experts Marci Hanson and Eleanor Lynch have expanded and updated their bestselling text, weaving in cutting-edge research on social, demographic, and economic changes and connecting the research to best practices in family-centered care. With a strong emphasis on family resilience, this book gets preservice and in-service professionals ready to work with a broad range of families with diverse structures, backgrounds, and circumstances.

304 pages.

Together, we're always better. More fun, too.

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