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Beth Fouse and Maria Wheeler

A Treasure Chest of Behavioral Strategies for Individuals with Autism (DVD)

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How behavior is impacted by communication, sensory issues and physiological needs, increasing/decreasing behaviors, crisis management, discipline issues and more.

A cornucopia of ideas, strategies, and concepts that will apply to virtually any situation. The authors address sensory, communication, and physical and social-emotional issues by increasing desired behaviors and decreasing unwanted behaviors. You will also learn how to build sensory diets into everyday activities; use antecedent control; teach students to self-regulate; deal with self-injurious behaviors, physical or verbal aggression, toilet training, obsessive-compulsive behavior, and fixations; deal with crisis/stress/data management, data management, and much more. Whatever problems you face, you'll find helpful solutions to them in this book. This book should be on every teacher's and parent's bookshelf. Great reference source! Helpful sections include:

. Impact of Autism Characteristics

. What Does Communication Have to do With Behavior?

. Sensory Issues and Behavior Social Skills and Social/Emotional Issues Structuring the Environment for Success

. Increasing Desired Behaviors Decreasing Unwanted Behaviors

. Crisis Management and Other Special Problems

. Discipline Procedures and Behavior Intervention Plans

. Stress Management

Beth Fouse, PhD, is an associate professor in the Department of Special Services, School of Education and Psychology, at The University of Texas at Tyler. She has over twenty years experience in the public schools as a classroom teacher and administrator. Beth currently teaches courses in gifted education and special education in various disability areas including autism, communication disorders and behavioral disorders. She is a certified instructor in nonviolent crisis intervention and has been certified by Dr. Guy Berard as an auditory integration practitioner. Beth works one day per week with a special education cooperative providing family training, school/home liaison services, classroom consultation for teachers of students with autism and other behavioral disorders.

Maria Wheeler, MEd, has spent more than twenty years of her professional life in the fields of psychology and special education, with an emphasis on neurobehavioral disorders, applied behavior analysis, and specific learning disabilities. She has held positions in Florida and Texas as a special education classroom teacher, behavior specialist, and director of behavioral services for residential treatment centers serving adults and children with neurobehavioral disorders and developmental disabilities.

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Treasure Chest is also available as an eBook from Special Needs Project.

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