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Denise D. Nessel and Joyce M. Graham

Thinking Strategies for Student Achievement. Second edition

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How can teachers improve students' higher level and creative thinking? The revised edition of this handbook provides strategies and sample lesson plans to help students learn to think more effectively and to raise their achievement levels.

Drawing upon past and recent research, the authors discuss the importance of actively engaging all students-including those with a history of low achievement-in higher levels of thinking. Thirty specific strategies, including K-W-L, Read and Think Math, and Reciprocal Teaching, can be readily integrated into daily lesson plans.

This step-by-step guide shows teachers how to:

... Help students develop, refine, and extend their thinking capacities

... Challenge students to creatively approach complex and unfamiliar material

... Encourage students to bring their own perspective to class assignments

... Provide students at all learning levels with appropriate support

With its user-friendly, practical approach, this important resource should be in the hands of every educator!

"This resource provides a repertoire of high-effect comprehension strategies. It is important for classroom teachers and school leaders to be able to justify why they are using specific strategies and what the benefits are of a specific strategy. Nessel and Graham provide this justification."--W. Dorsey Hammond, Professor of Education, Salisbury University



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