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Caroline DiPipi-Hoy and Daniel Steere

Teaching Time Management to Learners with Autism Spectrum Disorder

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This book presents ways to facilitate time-management skills for learners with autism spectrum disorder.

This book encompasses individuals across the lifespan, as time management is a skill that can be developed throughout one's life. An individual with ASD may quickly learn time-telling skills; however, simply being able to tell time does not necessarily lead to time-management skills.

"Thanks to DiPipi-Hoy and Steere for making an elusive and complex subject easy, accessible and fun to teach!"--Judy Endow, MSW, author and international speaker

"This is an essential resource for anyone, parent or professional, interested in teaching skills that actually matter."--Peter Gerhardt, PhD

"Both new and experienced professionals will find helpful ideas for helping learners understand the concept of time and to manage time in daily life."--Diane M. Browder, PhD; author of More Language Arts, Math, and Science for Students with Severe Disabilities

Caroline DiPipi-Hoy is an associate professor in the Department of Special Education and Rehabilitative and Human Services at East Stroudsburg University of Pennsylvania, USA. In her previous work she taught academic and vocational skills to 15- and 16-year old high school students with developmental disabilities and autism spectrum disorders. Additionally, she was an employment specialist and vocational program director for individuals with disabilities at Lehigh University for 8 years. Currently, Caroline teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in assessment and positive behavior support.

Daniel Steere is professor emeritus in the Department of Special Education and Rehabilitation at East Stroudsburg University of Pennsylvania. He has authored or co-authored two previous books and approximately thirty-five articles and book chapters on various topics in special education and rehabilitation, including transition from school to adulthood, systematic instruction of people with severe disabilities, and person centered planning.

190 pages. 2016

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