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Carol Kranowitz

A Teacher's Guide to Sensory Processing Disorder (CD)

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Catalog No. 26769An audio companion to the book Answers to Questions Teachers Ask about Sensory Integration, Carol Kranowitz interviews expert occupational therapist Stacey Szklut and they discuss how to teach children with sensory integration problems. It is like eavesdropping on two experts sharing sensory secrets! Finally, here is help for teachers and other school professionals who are trying to reach kids with sensory problems and help them succeed in the classroom, and in life.

Discussion topics include:

... Understanding why challenges in sensory integration affect learning

... Learning how to become a good detective of SI dysfunction in the classroom

... Gaining insight into how sensory integration dysfunction can look like ADD, ADHD or learning disabilities

... Learning methods for creating effective collaborations between home and school

... Materials appropriate for preschool through high school teachers and school professionals




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