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Tangle Therapy

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"Tangle Therapy" began as a low-impact activity that helped people relieve their stress through its smooth and easy twisting and turning motion.

This is a fidget with a difference, made of 20 interconnected twistable pieces (blue, purple and green) ABS plastic covered with a latex-free rubberized material.

Therapy Tangle is an innovative hand-held therapeutic device designed to improve hand range of motion, restore joint motion, strengthen finger musc les and improve muscle performance. Tangle Therapy combines a rubbery feel and unique ergonomics with the twisting motion to make it an amazing therapy tool. It's made of 20 interconnected, 90-degree curved pieces that pivot 180 degrees at each joint, and covered in a soft tactile rubberized material with a bumpy texture that gives added stimulation. This doctor-recommended toy has a calming, soothing effect that engages the mind, body and soul.

Orthopedic surgeon Dr. David S. Parker states, "I have utilized Tangle Therapy in post-operative hand surgical cases with success and patient satisfaction. I have found Tangle Therapy to be effective both physically and psychologically. It's really an amazing therapy tool.

Note: For ages 5 yrs. And up

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