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Tangle Jr. Metallic

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This Tangle Jr is shiny and bright and comes in six different metallic colors that are simultaneously fun, unique, and elegant for kids and adults to wear and play with.

Its that fun twisty thing that unleashes extreme creativity. The Metallic Tangle Jr. is a puzzle, a game, and even a fun and elegant fashion accessory. It's like a regular Tangle, but has a uniquely shiny and bright finish. It's a unique toy thats sure to entertain during travel time or quiet time great. for both children and adults to wear and play with. You can. even collect and. connect multiple Tangles since the Metallic Tangle Jr. connects to. other Tangle Jr. toys (sold separately). With Tangle you can. do almost anything - the only thing you cant do is put it down!

Twist turn unsnap and resnap pieces to design and create. your own artwork. Makes a great learning toy, stimulating your brain while. increasing finger dexterity. Recommended by therapists and teachers for children with. ADHD and Autism. Perfect hands-on toy to keep children (and adults). entertained in the car on a plane or anywhere.

This item is one Metallic Tangle, in assorted colors. Each Tangle consists of 18 connected 1-inchpieces and is about 14 inches long when extended.

Due to the separating segments, Tangle Jrs are choking hazards for children under the age of three years old.

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