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Deborah Hwa-Froelich Forword by Carol Westby and Femmie Juffer

Supporting Development in Internationally Adopted Children

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Thousands of children are adopted from outside the United States each year--and professionals must be ready to meet their complex needs and recognize when to refer them for assessments and services.

This is the evidence-based resource professionals need to fully understand the development of children adopted from abroad, make appropriate recommendations and referrals, and choose interventions that ensure the best outcomes.

Professionals working with internationally adopted children will

... get in-depth, research-based chapters on key aspects of development for children adopted from abroad (see box)

... recognize how the developmental milestones of internationally adopted children may differ from those of other children

... increase their accuracy in referring internationally adopted children for further developmental assessments and services

... understand the impact of specific issues associated with international adoption, including transitions in language and relationship development, health care, social interaction, and cultural values

... discover effective intervention strategies for each developmental area

... study the theoretical foundations for the development of internationally adopted children

With the clear and helpful referral indicators in each chapter, it's much easier for professionals to make educated decisions about whether a child needs further assessment. And the diverse case studies and lists of key points make the book's critical takeaways easy to remember and implement.

A must-have for a wide range of professionals--including early interventionists, educators, SLPs, therapists, pediatricians, and social workers--this book is the key to appropriate services that ensure the best outcomes for children adopted from abroad.

... In-depth information on 7 key areas of development:

... Physical growth, health, and motor development

... Social-emotional development

... Cognitive development

... Inhibition, self-regulation, attention, and memory development

... Hearing, speech, and feeding development

... Prelinguistic, receptive, and expressive language development

... Social communication development

264 pages. 2012



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