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Jim Wright

Strategies for Struggling Learners in the Era of CCSS & RTI

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Catalog No. 28812From Jim Wright, author of the acclaimed RTI Toolkit and creator of Intervention Central, the most widely accessed website for RTI resources, comes this valuable new resource to help classroom teachers address the needs of struggling learners (grades K-6) in the era of Common Core Standards through Response To Intervention (RTI).

Teachers will find step-by-step guidance on how to translate research into practice to promote harmonious learning environments and improve students' academic performance. As teachers incorporate the research-based strategies into their daily routines, their classrooms will self-organize to be more conducive to learning and deep understanding.

Chapters are organized around specific teacher challenges, with the content of each supporting ideas and strategies contained throughout the book. They include...

:: Core Instruction & Behavior Management: Foundations for Student Success

:: Creating Academic Interventions That Promote Student Success in the Common Core

:: Managing Behaviors to Promote Student Learning

:: Collecting Data to Track Interventions

:: Increasing Student Responsibility Through Self-Management

:: Techniques to Help Teachers Succeed as Change Agents

255 pages. 2014

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