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Susan M. Heighway and Susan Kidd Webster

S.T.A.R.S--A Social Skills Training Guide

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Educate young adults and build their self-esteem so they can make informed choices!

Specially designed for teaching adolescents and adults with developmental disabilities, the STARS model focuses on four areas: Understanding Relationships, Social Skills Training, Sexual Awareness, and Assertiveness--with the goals of promoting positive sexuality and preventing sexual abuse. Assessment tools help identify the strengths and needs of each individual, and then the activities can be catered to address specific needs.

From an early age, we are taught the difference between friends, family, lovers, acquaintances, and strangers. Our experiences teach us more about relationships every day. Yet, for those with developmental disabilities like autism and Asperger's syndrome, relationship boundaries may be blurry, or even invisible. This book is an invaluable tool for helping students understand their relationship to others, and for teaching students how to interact with others appropriately. These skills are assets for establishing healthy relationships and for avoiding potentially abusive situations. The STARS program helps caregivers and professionals provide students with this knowledge, plus the self-esteem to put it into practice.

Goals and activities cover a variety of important skills:

... Building a Positive Self-Image

... Making Choices

... Learning Relationship-Appropriate Behaviors

... Identifying Body Parts and Understanding Their Functions

... Understanding Public and Private Behavior

... Understanding Sexual Feelings and Behaviors

... Understanding Reproduction

... Health Issues Related to Sexual Awareness

... Recognizing a Situation as Potentially Unsafe

... Learning to Say "No" and Using Basic Self-Protection

... And many more!

189 pages. 2007

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