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Kevin Urbatsch Attorney and Michele Fuller Attorney

Special Needs Trusts. Sixth edition

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Leave money to a loved one with a disability--without losing benefits.

A special needs trust helps you provide financial security for a loved one with a disability--without jeopardizing important government benefits. In contrast, leaving money directly to loved ones can make it impossible for them to get benefits, including Medicaid.

Special Needs Trusts provides the step-by-step guidance and forms you need to create a special needs trust for your loved one with a disability. Get detailed information about:

--how special needs trusts work

--whether or not to hire a lawyer

--pros and cons of joining a pooled trust

--writing a letter to give guidance to the successor trustee

--conveying your loved one's needs

--creating a legally sound special needs trust yourself

Special Needs Trusts also provides a formal letter to the trustee, which explains this very important role, and a personal letter to the trustee, which provides crucial information about your loved one. This edition has been thoroughly revised to reflect the latest changes in the law, including updated eligibility requirements for government benefits, current resources, and an experienced perspective about when to make a special needs trust on your own and when to seek the services of an attorney.

"'What will happen to our son or daughter when we are no longer here?' Special Needs Trusts provides parents with an answer."--Roslyn Brilliant, former executive director, Disabled and Alone/ Life Services for the Handicapped, inc.

Included Forms:

. Special Needs Trust

. Trustee's Duties Letter

. The Florida Witness Statement

Kevin Urbatsch is a principal of the special needs and settlement planning firm, The Urbatsch Law Firm PC in Walnut Creek, California. He is a nationally recognized expert in the unique planning needs of individuals with disabilities and their families. Mr. Urbatsch is a charter member of the national organization, the Academy of Special Needs Planners. He writes and is a frequent lecturer both locally and nationally on planning for persons with disabilities, primarily concerning special needs trust drafting and administration.

Michele Fuller is the owner of the Michigan Law Center, PLLC. The firm focuses solely on planning that preserves and protects the assets of persons with disabilities. She serves as an Advisory Board Member of the Academy of Special Needs Planners and frequently publishes and speaks for national, state, and local organizations that address planning issues for people with disabilities.

296 pages. 2015



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