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Michelle M. Forrester and Kay M. Albrecht

Social Emotional Tools for Life (SET)

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Social Emotional Tools for Life provides teachers of young children with easy-to-use strategies to support emotional and social development in the classroom.

Designed to help early childhood educators capitalize on day-to-day interactions and caregiving routines in order to build positive relationships with and between children. Vignettes and specific language examples guide teachers in applying the strategies during everyday moments.

Co-authored by Michelle M. Forrester and Kay M. Albrecht, the guide shares the "how" of supporting strong emotional connections in early childhood settings. Forrester, a child psychologist, and Albrecht, a teacher educator and author of the successful Innovations series of development, curriculum, and training books, bring clear voices to the discussion of the importance of relationships to children's well being. Numerous examples bring suggested teaching strategies to life and make the book something an early childhood teacher can return to again and again for guidance.

327 pages. 2014

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