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Betty Roffman Shevitz, Sue Jeweler, Linda Barnes-Robinson and Rich Weinfeld

Smart Kids with Learning Difficulties. Second edition

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The second edition of Smart Kids With Learning Difficulties is an updated and comprehensive must-read for parents, teachers, counselors, and other support professionals of bright kids who face learning challenges every day. This practical book discusses who these students are; how to identify them; what needs to be implemented; best practices, programs, and services; and specific actions to ensure student success. Along with tools and tips, each chapter includes Key Points, a new feature that will help focus and facilitate next steps, and desired outcomes and follow-up for parents and teachers. The new edition includes a look at current definitions of twice-exceptional students; updated research findings and identification methods; a detailed description of the laws and policies impacting this population; what works and what doesn't work; model schools; Response to Intervention; Understanding by Design; comprehensive assessments; social-emotional principles; and new assistive technology.

Betty Roffman Shevitz

Currently serving as instructional specialists and educational consultants in the Washington, DC, area, Betty Roffman Shevitz, Marisa Stemple, Linda Barnes-Robinson, and Sue Jeweler have drawn on their many years of educational experience to bring readers this comprehensive resource of successful tools for classroom teachers, educators, and parents of smart kids with learning difficulties.

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