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V. Mark Durand

Sleep Better! Revised edition

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From bedtime tantrums to bedwetting, sleep problems can be one of the biggest sources of worry and frustration for parents of children with special needs.

Help is here in this down-to-earth, nonjudgmental guide, packed with widely tested, easy-to-use techniques that work for all children, with and without disabilities. This fully updated edition includes help for parents who usually struggle with nighttime problems. Without preaching or proposing a "one right way" to solve problems, psychologist and father Mark Durand helps families tackle sleep issues with optimism and proven strategies drawn from clinical and personal experience. A must-own for tired parents everywhere, this warm and wise guidebook will put sleep problems to bed and help whole families get the rest they need.

The better-sleep guide...

... Highly effective strategies for children with special needs such as autism, Tourette syndrome, and cerebral palsy

... Research-based solutions to even the toughest nighttime challenges

... Tested with thousands of families

... Respects individual differences in families--offers different options to fit different parenting philosophies

... Helps parents develop a positive outlook and attitude as they work to resolve their child's challenges

... Includes help for parents who struggle with their own nighttime problems

... Flexible--parents can pick and choose strategies and modify them as needed

... Valuable background information on understanding and assessing sleep problems

V. Mark Durand, PhD, is known worldwide as an authority in the area of autism spectrum disorders. He is a professor of psychology at the University of South Florida St. Petersburg, where he was the founding dean of Arts and Sciences and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs.

"One of the most practical research-to-practice books in our field. Dr. Durand translates years of empirical research into a book that allows the reader to identify a child's sleep problem and develop a highly effective plan."--Daniel Openden, President and CEO, Southwest Autism Research and Resource Center

288 pages. 2014

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