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Lawrence Diller

Should I Medicate My Child?

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From the author of Running on Ritalin, the first thoroughly balanced and deeply informative guide to helping parents make the best treatment decisions--with and without medication--for children with psychological problems.

With the publication of Running on Ritalin in 1998, Dr. Lawrence Diller established himself as the country's leading expert on the use of psychiatric drugs to treat children. Since then, parents have clamored for his expertise on psychological problems beyond ADD, drugs beyond Ritalin, and, most important, how to decide whether or not drugs really are the best option for their children. More and more parents are asking the simple question: Should I medicate my child? In this authoritative and plainspoken book, which features a detailed, easy-to-access "Quick Guide to Psychiatric Drugs," Dr. Diller gives parents the tools they need to regain faith in their own judgment and make wise choices for their children.

Library Journal says,

"Behavioral pediatrician and family therapist Diller...presents a thoughtful and balanced discussion of the use of psychiatric medications for adolescents and children. His position is middle of the road. Medication alone doesn't solve a child's behavioral problems, he argues, and therapy and changes in discipline at school and at home sometimes can be enough in themselves. On the other hand, medication can offer some immediate relief and assist in otherwise overwhelming situations. Diller purports to cover all kinds of childhood concerns, from hyperactivity to depression and autism, but the bulk of the book deals with attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), with other problems dealt with rather cursorily in appended chapters. This won't give parents all they need to know on ADHD-for that, Russell Barkley's Taking Charge of ADHD is a good, basic title-or any other childhood emotional disorder, but it is a good addition to a well-stocked parenting collection in medium and large public libraries.x"--Mary Ann Hughes, Neill P.L., Pullman, WA

256 pages. 2008

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