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Monica Gunning. Illustrated by Elaine Pedlar

A Shelter in Our Car

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Catalog No. 29429

Zettie and her Mama left their warm and comfortable home in Jamaica for an uncertain life in the United States.

With Papa gone, Mama can't find a steady job that will sustain them and so they are forced to live in their car. But Mama's unwavering love, support, and gutsy determination give Zettie the confidence that, together, she and her mother can meet all challenges. Monica Gunning's moving and authentic story about homelessness in an American city was developed with the help of the Homeless Children s Network in San Francisco. Elaine Pedlar's strong and lively illustrations bring the story to life in vibrant chalk pastel.

4 - 8 years

Grade Level: Preschool - 3. Lexile Measure: AD560

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