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Kate E. Reynolds

Sexuality and Severe Autism

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Sexual health and sexuality can be difficult subjects for parents and caregivers to broach with autistic children, made more challenging when children are at the severe end of the autism spectrum.

Some parents may even question the validity of teaching sexuality to those who are severely autistic.

This practical handbook guides you through the process of teaching about sex and sexuality, answering all of the most crucial questions, including: Why is it necessary to teach this subject to my severely autistic child? When is the right time to start talking about these issues? How detailed and explicit should I be? What methods are most appropriate? It addresses male and female issues separately and covers public and private sexual behaviors, sexual abuse, cross-gender teaching and liaising with school, in addition to the more obvious areas such as physical changes and menstruation.

Somewhat oriented toward British contexts, this will nevertheless be a useful guide to teaching about sexual issues for any parent, caregiver or health educator caring for a person on the severe end of the autism spectrum.

This handbook guides the reader through the process of teaching about sex and sexuality to people with severe autism. It deals with when, what and how to begin the process and addresses girls' and boys' issues, as well as physical changes and menstruation, public and private sexual behaviors, sexual abuse and reporting inappropriate touching.

"This book is an excellent guide for parents of children with more severe forms of autism struggling with how to talk about sexuality and keep their kids safe. Reynolds delivers an honest account of the issues sometimes faced by those with autism while providing practical strategies for tackling this somewhat taboo subject from the sensitivity and experience of a parent s perspective."--Dr. Elizabeth Laugeson, author of The Science of Making Friends, Assistant Clinical Professor, UCLA, Founder and Director, UCLA PEERS Clinic

Kate E. Reynolds worked for 18 years in various locations in the UK for the National Health Service, and worked in HIV/Aids and sexual health for 7 years with the NHS as a clinical nurse specialist and senior counselor, which involved training other staff. Her son was diagnosed with severe autism disorder in 2005 and she is passionate about supporting parents and caregivers with practical information about autism spectrum disorders. She has returned to the University of Bristol to do her MSc in disability studies, with a view to extending her original research in future. Kate lives in Wiltshire, UK, with her two children, Francesca and Jude.

208 pages. 2013

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