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Marla Roth-Fisch

Sensitive Sam

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A sensitive story with a happy ending for parents and kids that struggle with sensory processing disorder!

Sensitive Sam is creatively written and beautifully illustrated in color by the author. This wonderful book brings to life the story of Sam, whose over-sensitivity creates chaos and frustration in his life. Having sensory processing disorder adversely affects Sam's learning and personal growth at home and school. At the suggestion of Sam's teacher, his parents seek occupational therapy for Sam. After therapy, Sam is happy with himself, and enjoys all the messy things kids like to do.

Sensitive Sam is a perfect introductory tool for helping your child or student (or even yourself!) to understand sensory processing disorder while easily relating to Sam's story.

This delightful book will put a "special twinkle" in the eyes of special kids with sensory processing disorder, as Sam expresses recognizable feelings before, during, and after therapy!

Carol Kranowitz, MA, author of The Out-of-Sync Child and The Goodenoughs Get in Sync

Sensitive Sam is a whimsical but authentic book about sensory processing disorder, a genuine, caring story told in rhymed couplets. Appropriate for children, families, and professionals. Learn what it is to be a Sensational Kid!

"I highly recommend this book, creatively written and beautifully illustrated by the author, Marla Roth-Fisch!" Dr. Lucy Jane Miller, author of Sensational Kids:Help and Hope for Children with Sensory Processing Disorder



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