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Pooky Knightsmith. Foreword by Sarah Brennan

Self-Harm and Eating Disorders in Schools

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Self-harm and eating disorders are present in almost every school and they frequently co-occur.

This book provides the vital guidance that school staff need to spot early warning signs, understand triggers and support the students in their care effectively.

This very practical guide helps educational professionals to gain a better understanding of self-harm and eating disorders by dispelling the myths and misconceptions that surround these behaviors. The book provides advice on whole-school policies and procedures as well as day-to-day strategies to implement in lessons, at mealtimes and in one-on-one sessions. It explains how to respond to disclosures, make referrals and work alongside parents to assist in the road to recovery.

'This book is a wonderful resource for schools and colleges and will help committed staff to produce an environment in which eating disorders are either prevented or are detected as early as possible. This means that the individual, her/his peers and the family are supported in a timely and effective manner which can prevent the illness taking a hold. The book is authoritative and multifaceted with lived experience, academic expertise and in-depth experience of collaborative work with teachers, tutors and key school staff. An essential handbook for all schools to improve mental health by creating a sound curriculum and a healthy environment.'

- Professor Janet Treasure OBE, PhD FRCP FRCPsych, Professor of Psychiatry, King's College London.

"Eating disorders are serious illnesses that are of great public health concern, given their high prevalence and adverse health consequences. Schools are excellent settings for prevention, early identification, referral for treatment, and support during and following treatment. In this book, Dr Pooky Knightsmith provides a wealth of information for school staff concerned about eating disorders and other forms of self-harm. This comprehensive book will be an important reference to have and to use within school settings. It is crucial to utilize schools in order to decrease the public health burden of eating disorders."--Dianne Neumark-Sztainer, PhD, Professor at the School of Public Health, University of Minnesota and author of I'm, Like, So Fat!: Helping Your Teen Make Healthy Choices about Eating and Exercise in a Weight-Obsessed World.

"When children scream for help too many adults mistake the signs of mental illness as a "behavior issue". This book is invaluable for support professionals. It unpeels complex issues with clear, practical advice allowing you to manage vulnerable children with care and confidence."--Paul Dix, Lead Trainer, Pivotal Education.

Pooky Knightsmith, PhD, is a specialist in child and adolescent mental health and emotional wellbeing. Through her company, In Our Hands Ltd, she works with schools, parents and organisations to provide training on topics related to mental health awareness and support. She is also the mental health and emotional wellbeing advisor for the PSHE Association in the UK and a trustee for Beat, the eating disorder charity and the Kidstime Foundation. Pooky has personal experiences of the issues she teaches and writes about, having personally overcome eating disorders and self-harm herself. She lives in Surrey, UK.

224 pages. 2015

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