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Tim Hayes. Foreword by Robert Redford

Riding Home

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Equine therapy has long been a staple activity for special-needs children and adults, and its physical benefits are evident.

In Riding Home, Horse Nation's must-read book of 2016, Tim Hayes uses his own vast experience working with horses combined with scientific research to show us how and why horses and our relationships with them are also able to heal our emotional and psychological wounds.

Riding Home provides riveting examples of how equine therapy has become one of today's most effective, cutting-edge methods of healing where so often traditional therapy and prescription drugs have failed. The natural ability of a horse to accept, without judgment, a soldier with PTSD who has seen or done horrific things, and by so doing, express compassion and benevolent acknowledgment--often preventing suicide--is extraordinary. At-risk youth in equine programs find that horses don't judge or criticize them, allowing them to express painful feelings for the first time.

This is a book for horse lovers, but also for parents of teenagers who might be slipping into violence, crime, and drugs. It is a book for loved ones of soldiers returning from the war, a book for families of autistic children, and truly anyone who needs help or has lost their way. It is accessible, moving, and shows us a way to approach healing from an entirely new perspective.

Horses help us discover hidden parts of ourselves, whether we're seven or seventy. They model relationships that demonstrate acceptance, kindness, honesty, tolerance, patience, justice, compassion, and forgiveness. This amazing power of horses to heal is accessible to anyone.

"Riding Home is essential reading for horse lovers and everyone who works with people who need healing."--Temple Grandin, author of Animals in Translation and Animals Make Us Human

"Hayes makes a convincing case that his beloved equine companions are man's best friends. Hayes will turn even non--horse lovers into equine-therapy believers."-- Booklist

Tim Hayes is an internationally recognized natural horsemanship clinician. He conducts clinics throughout the United States, Canada, and Europe.

304 pages. 2016

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