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Jeffrey Bakken

Response to Intervention in the Core Content Areas

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Response to Intervention in the Core Content Areas addresses the needs of educators across the spectrum of students and in different content area classrooms.

Chapters address the concept of RtI, early identification, more intense instruction, assessment, and making data-based decisions to form a foundation for the reader before moving on to focus on different types of students (English language learners and culturally and linguistically diverse students) and on how RtI can be implemented in the different content areas (reading, writing, math, science, and social studies). Each chapter is written by an expert in the field and includes a case study related to real teacher experiences to help educators understand the RtI process.

Jeffrey P. Bakken, PhD, is professor and chair of the Department of Special Education at Illinois State University. He has a bachelor's degree in elementary education from the University of Wisconsin-LaCrosse, and graduate degrees in the area of special education-learning disabilities from Purdue University. His specific areas of interest include transition, teacher effectiveness, assessment, learning strategies, and technology.

296 pages. 2012



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