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Robert and Lynn Koegel

The PRT Pocket Guide

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What is Pivotal Response Treatment?

What's the research behind it, what does it look like in practice, and what are some good examples of how to use it? Now one concise book gives professionals and parents all the basics of the widely used PRT--one of a select group of highly effective, evidence-based treatments for autism.

A great resource for educators, behavior specialists, early interventionists, SLPs, occupational therapists, and families, this reader-friendly pocket guide is the perfect introduction to PRT, the popular approach that uses natural learning opportunities to modify pivotal areas of behavior. Pioneering autism experts Robert and Lynn Koegel speak directly to the reader, demystifying PRT and clearly explaining why it leads to widespread and rapid progress for children.

Filled with helpful tips and many practical examples based on actual children, the book reveals the key principles behind...

... motivating children with natural reinforcers

... reducing disruptive behavior with PRT

... encouraging communication and social initiations

... developing a challenging curriculum that helps children make progress

... assessing children meaningfully in natural environments

... closely collaborating with parents on goals and interventions

... helping families weave interventions into everyday routines

... ensuring that children generalize skills to other settings

... decreasing parents' stress and offering positive support

The Koegels engage readers with down-to-earth guidance based on best practice, true stories from their decades of experience with children and families, and clear explanations of what the research says about PRT. And the end-of-chapter questions for teachers, therapists, and parents reinforce key points and prepare them for effective PRT implementation.

An essential first step in PRT training and a must-have for every member of a child's support team, this quick and practical introduction will get everyone on board with PRT and equip them with the fundamentals they need to use it in the real world.

Tentative Table of Contents

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I. What is the P in PRT?

1. Treatment of Pivotal Areas

2. How to Teach the Pivotal Area of Motivation

3. How to Get Rid of Disruptive Behavior

4. How to Teach the Pivotal Area of Self-Initiation

II. How and When to Implement Treatment

5. Maximizing Family Involvement

6. How to Minimize Parent Stress

7. Treatment and Assessment in Natural Environments

8. Making Data Collection Easy in PRT

Sarah Kuriakose, Lynn Kern Koegel, and Robert L. Koegel



216 pages. 2012

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