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Lori A. Roggman, Gina A. Cook, Mark S. Innocenti, Vonda Norman, Sheila Anderson & Katie Christiansen

PICCOLO Provider Starter Kit

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Where are parents' skills the strongest--and how can they be encouraged to better support young children's cognitive, social, and language development?

Home visitors can find out in minutes with PICCOLO䋢, the quick, reliable observational tool designed to assess and monitor the quality of parent--child interactions. Developed for use with parents of children ages 10-47 months, PICCOLO measures 29 developmentally supportive parenting behaviors in 4 critical domains--Affection, Responsiveness, Encouragement, and Teaching. It's the best way to assess which parenting behaviors are working, develop individualized interventions that help parents improve, and track the positive outcomes of your parent support program.


... Research-based--assesses parenting behaviors with direct, proven links to positive child outcomes;

... Quick, clear, and easy to use--takes just 10 minutes for parent--child observation;

... Highly reliable--based on 4,500 video observations of 2,000 diverse families;

... Training DVD includes 14 invaluable DVD clips of parent--child interactions to help you practice observing and scoring;

... Culturally sensitive and relevant

... Ready to use anytime: at program entry, throughout the year, and at program exit;

... Helps you provide positive feedback to parents and plan intervention

... Great way to monitor parent/child outcomes and program effectiveness

... Spanish translation included.

This Starter Kit includes the PICCOLO䋢 User's Guide and one package of PICCOLO䋢 forms

The PICCOLO is a quick, reliable observational tool designed to assess and monitor the quality of parent-child interactions. Learn more about the PICCOLO.

124 pages. 2013

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