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Patricia Schetter. Illustrated by Mary A. Livingston

Percy Learns to Fly

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Everyone on Gull Island can see Percy, a young hatchling, is different.

He tries hard to fit in with his friends and do well in school. Join Percy in this heart-warming tale with moments of disappointment, excitement and joy as Percy Learns to Fly.

"The story of Percy Learns to Fly conveys valuable ideas, that resourcefulness and persistence can help us to combat fearfulness. It in a simple reminder that acting brave even when you don't feel brave makes a big difference."--Laurie A. Vismara, PhD, BCBA-D

"Personally, I loved the comprehensive suggestions for parents located in the back of the book. Having resources and tips hand-chosen by Ms. Schetter makes this book a valuable resource."--Antoinette O'Neill, parent and educator

Patricia Schetter's professional career began in 1993. as a behavior analyst and autism specialist, she provides professional development workshops and program consultations to California school districts. She is the Coordinator of Autism Education Initiatives for UC Davis MIND Institute's Center for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities. Her professional experience as well a personal perspectives as a parent to a child with neurodevelomental differences are the impetus for Percy Learns to Fly

Percy Learns to Fly is Mary A. Livingston's debut as a children's book illustrator. She is an award-winning photographer, poet and publisher.

31 pages. 2013



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