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Mary Beth Doyle

The Paraprofessional's Guide to the Inclusive Classroom: Working as a Team. Third edition

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This edition of a book that's sold more than 10,000 copies since 1997, this research-based and user-friendly workbook will help paraprofessionals and teachers work toward their common goal: creating classroom and school communities that welcome and support all students.

With the rising demand for paraprofessional training and the requirements for highly qualified personnel in every classroom, it's the perfect time for a fully revised third edition of this popular, activity-packed workbook. Carefully updated throughout with timely, engaging new material, this interactive guide helps teachers and paraprofessionals work together to create the most effective inclusive classrooms. Collaborating on creative and enlightening activities, teachers and paraprofessionals will learn how to--

... Work more effectively with students who have a variety of disabilities, including autism

... Clarify their roles and responsibilities

... Provide individualized curricular and instructional support for each student

... Improve communication among members of the educational team

... Use positive behavioral support to successfully address behavior challenges

What's New...

... Approximately 20 new photocopiable forms and exercises

... The very latest on education legislation and requirements

... Stronger emphasis on middle and secondary school

... Guidelines in every chapter that help paraprofessionals self-advocate

... New chapter on team communication and confidentiality

... New interviews with and stories from educators

... Helpful curricular and instructional support objectives

... More user-friendly design

Offers tons of practical ideas and suggestions that reflect recommended practices ... any paraprofessional would find this a terrific resource and greatly needed aid.June Downing, PhD, consultant and author, Including Students with Severe and Multiple Disabilities in Typical Classrooms, Third Edition

192 pages. 2008



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