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J. Tyler Fovel, BCBA

The New ABA Companion

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This manual for ABA programs has been completely revised and expanded.

Blending clear explanations of scientifically-based concepts and methodology, extensive clinical examples and advice, and suggested implementation protocols, the book provides a practical, comprehensive source for creating professional and effective student programs.

Chapters cover:

... essential qualities of an effective ABA program,

... transdisciplinary teamwork, curriculum selection and development,

... program writing and revision,

... strategies for attention and engagement,

... prompts, error- correction, and reinforcement,

... progress evaluation,

... data-based decision-making and many other vital topics.

Training packages for implementers, forms, and a six-month subscription to the new online program development and management software, ABA Program Companion 3.0, is also included.

Tyler Fovel received an MA in psychology (applied behavior analysis) from Northeastern University in 1979, and has been active in ABA for 26 years. He participated in a year-long supervised practicum for professionals in applied behavior analysis therapy with Bridget Taylor, Gina Green, and Lynn Brennen sponsored by The Autism Partnership for Behavior Analysis. He is a senior consultant for ABA programs in Massachusetts and Connecticut. Mr. Fovel founded Strategic Alternatives in 1986, specializing in program development and delivery for families, schools, agencies, and facilities.

357 Pages. 2013

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