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Patrick Lorning

My NICU Baby Book

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Since you can't go to a store and buy a baby book that measures blood gases or record the date your baby goes off the respirator, we found one.

It has charts to measure baby's growth, lots of places to write out questions, journal feelings, record numbers you need to know, charts for feedings, any surgeries and tests. You will also find: A family tree, growth charts, notes to siblings, words to learn, treatments, and more.

This book belongs to you and your new baby. It's for you to use as you like, to mark up, draw in, write notes and questions. Don't think you have to fill it in every day. It may be a week or two before you're even able to think clearly.

When you are ready, you can always ask your nurse to help update it from the hospital's records.

This baby book is meant to provide a valuable memory of your time spent in the Newborn Intensive Care Unit, to remember the people who cared for your baby and for you, and to let you keep track of how your special care infant grows and develops. This is an important time, and we want this book to sit with you, visit with you and keep you company during your stay here."

Together, we're better. And more fun.

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