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My Feelings Game

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This unique, groundbreaking game helps kids explore the world of feelings in an enjoyable, interactive way.

As they move along the gameboard by drawing cards, answering questions, and just acting silly, you'll gain insight into what they're really thinking and feeling. And they'll have way too much fun to realize that they're actually developing valuable life skills!

... 280 scenarios to help kids explore and talk about emotions!

... 260 regulation strategies to help kids manage their feelings in socially appropriate ways!

... 24 movement cards to keep kids engage!

... Illustrated booklet that introduces seven different kids with seven different feelings!

... My Feelings䋢 features seven basic feelings that players will first identify, then explore by moving along the gameboard, drawing cards, answering questions, and taking silly breaks.

My Feelings䋢 was developed in collaboration with leading speech- language pathologists and occupational therapists to promote the social-emotional development of young children by encouraging them to express their feelings in an exciting, engaging activity. As they play, children will discover how to recognize feelings in themselves and in others, and to cope with them in socially appropriate ways. And they'll have way too much fun to realize that they're developing valuable life skills!

What scares your child? What makes him or her feel happy, frustrated or angry? This inspirational game encourages you and your child to explore these emotions in fun, active (and sometimes very silly) ways. The game features seven basic feelings that players will first identify, then explore by drawing cards.

Now you can find out what your kids are really thinking and feeling by playing this fun, interactive game! Draw blue cards to find out what makes kids feel seven different emotions. Draw red cards to explore ways to manage those feelings! Need a break? Draw a silly time card and cut loose with some playacting!


... Gameboard

... 4 Character pawns

... 4 Blank pawns for personalization

... 140 Blue "What makes me feel...?" cards

... 133 Red "How do I deal?" cards

... 24 Silly Time cards

... Spinner

... "All About Feelings" booklet

... Game Guide

"In development every dialogue is important, be it between children and parents, teachers and students, therapists and patients, and certainly between friends. In development discovery is essential. The My Feelings game offers both as the game carries you through the maze of emotions and self-regulatory strategies. Sitting face-to-face in dialogue with your partner, solving problems and discovering your feelings as well as those of others and having fun, is an asset that all intervention approaches can benefit from. Do not bypass this easy-to-learn game to catch your child's gleam and advance your relationship through social interactions and communication. I recommend it to you!"--Serena Wieder, PhD, co-author of Engaging Autism and The Child with Special Needs

"While created for individuals with autism spectrum disorder, this innovative game is appropriate for all children! The My Feelings Game addresses emotions and self-regulation in a way that is informative and fun. Further, this game addresses social skills, including conversational and listening skills, and literacy. Appropriate for children from 4 to 99, this game should be in every classroom, daycare, and therapist's office. My Feelings combines fun and learning--I highly recommend this wonderful material."--Brenda Smith Myles, PhD

Ages: 4 years and up

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