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Anthony Curcio

My Daddy's in Jail

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There are nearly three million adults in the U.S. alone that are in prison or jail.

Many of these being parents that leave behind unanswered questions with their children: What is jail? Why did this happen? Is it my fault? Is my daddy (or mommy) bad? Do they love me? My Daddy's in Jail is a story of two bears who have a father in prison. The book is narrated by a very odd cockroach.

"Written by an ex-con. Endorsed by PhD's, school principals and judges. Awesome book with an inspiring message: You are loved and you will get through this." Bert Burykill, Vice Magazine

Anthony Curcio spent five years in prison. During this time he wrote and illustrated several books for his young daughters. This is one of them. He now uses his story to help others by speaking to students, inmates, correctional officers, law enforcement officials and judges. Anthony has a BA in social sciences from Washington State University and lives in Seattle with his wife and two daughters.

42 pages. 2015

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