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Amy V. Jaffe and Luci Gardner

My Book Full of Feelings

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This highly engaging workbook is an ideal way to help teach children to identify, access the intensity of, and respond appropriately to their emotions.

The book is fully interactive. By using a dry-erase marker, unique situations and solutions can be added and changed with a wipe of a paper towel, as the child masters a skill and grows. Also included is a Communication Pad for tracking and sharing information between home and school an important component of effective programming. The book is great for all children, including those with Asperger syndrome and other autism spectrum disorders.

Both kid and grown-up friendly. The clear cut format can be used again and again.--Teresa Cardon, MA and author

I Love this book! It encourages student practice across environments.--Kari Dunn Buron, special ed teacher and author

This makes emotions and feelings accessible to those with AS and High Functioning Autism.--Stephen Shore, author

60 pages. 2006

Together, we're always better. More fun, too.

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