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Thomas Hoerr

Multiple Intelligences

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Catalog No. 27507From the head of the New City School in St. Louis, MO, where multiple intelligences (MI) has been implemented since 1988, comes a valuable laminated reference guide that presents a practical overview of MI. Thomas Hoerr, PhD, author of Becoming A Multiple Intelligences School and columnist for Educational Leadership gives examples and suggestions on how MI can be used to help students learn and teachers succeed.

By incorporating MI into teaching, students' opportunities to learn are increased, and teachers find teaching more interesting and rewarding. Particular attention is given to assessment through PEP's (Projects, Exhibitions, Presentations), and to the personal intelligences. Use of student portfolios, the distributed intelligence, and ways to educate students' parents about MI will also be addressed.

Read Dr. Hoerr's chapter "The New City School Story," appearing in Howard Gardner's new book: Multiple Intelligences Around the World. Discover how MI can provide multiple pathways to success!!

"This concise guide has nicely captured the essence of Gardner's landmark work. The clear descriptions and examples of each Intelligence make it a handy desk reference for teachers interested in promoting a diversity of talents in young people!"

--Joseph S. Renzulli, EdD, The University of Connecticut

Laminated Reference Guide

6 pages. 2010



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