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Haley Moss

Middle School--The Stuff Nobody Tells You About

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Middle school is an intimidating time for most students, but for students with autism spectrum disorders, it can be a veritable minefield of hidden curriculum rules, social misunderstandings and clique--and that's before they even get to the academics!

In Middle School: The Stuff Nobody Tells You About, a teenager with high-functioning autism relates her own experiences in middle school. Aimed at young teens, Middle School tackles the issues that girls this age care about: fitting in, making friends, wearing the right clothes, succeeding academically and more. The book's "for teens, by teens" approach makes it an easy, fun read while giving readers practical tips that they can use in their everyday lives. Haley, already an accomplished artist, also illustrated the book.

"Haley Moss, in her own words, has created a very helpful guide for girls on the spectrum - and, indeed, any girl who experiences challenges in 'fitting in.' Her book is practical and insightful. Drawing on her own experiences, Haley provides a wonderful template for social success."--Brenda Smith Myles, PhD, has written numerous articles and books on Asperger syndrome and autism, including (with Jack Southwick) Asperger syndrome and Difficult Moments

"As a mother of a middle-school-aged daughter with autism spectrum disorders, I find Middle School a MUST read. While reading this book, I felt as though Haley's story could have been my own daughter's. I love how the author walks us through her middle school years step-by-step and shares her experiences. This book will help our daughters with ASD not feel so intimidated by the transition into middle school. Haley Moss created an extraordinary gift for which girls with ASD will be forever grateful!"--Danielle Wendel, mother of a teen daughter with ASD and co-author of Girls Under the Umbrella of Autism Spectrum Disorders


Catalog #26697

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