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MaintenanceMinder Daily Weight-In Journal

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Congratulations!! You followed your fitness plan and reached your goals.

Perhaps you lost five, twenty, or even a hundred pounds or more. It's all good! So now, how do you maintain your success and stay at your ideal weight? There is no magic pill or mysterious trick and no one said it would be a snap...but it can be easier if you never let things get out of control. Experts say journaling is an important key to reaching fitness goals. (Naturally, we hope the DietMinder or BodyMinder were instrumental in helping you reach yours.) But what happens after your original goals have been met? The MaintenanceMinder is designed with exactly that in mind.

If you want to stay in the winners circle and keep those good habits, the secret once again, is to keep a journal. The MaintenanceMinder is based upon the simple theory that weighing every single day will keep you alert and aware. Knowing this, you can react accordingly. Extra pounds will not have a chance to return when you nip them in the bud. How does the MaintenanceMinder work?... Record your daily weight, make a quick plan for the day, then do a brief food & exercise review each evening. Filling in the boxes takes just moments a day. It works.

The MaintenanceMinder lasts for a whole year and is not pre-dated. Each week takes just two pages. The second part of the book has room for notes and comments, with mindful quotations on each page.

192 pages.



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