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John Taylor

Learn to Have Fun with Your Senses

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An introduction to the human senses for kids.

This might be your child's first "read about your own problems" guide. It explains what can go wrong when the brain inappropriately magnifies the messages sense organs send to it.

Making inappropriate responses to sensory input from various senses is commonly referred to as sensory processing disorder, or SPD. The child avoids, resists, or becomes emotionally upset about experiencing sensory awareness, to a level that significantly interferes with a child's ability to perform the necessary major functions of daily living. This book is a therapy guide for any child with sensory issues.

Regarded as an innovator in the field of ADD, John F. Taylor, PhD is a family psychologist and father of eight children, three of whom have ADD. His practice has focused for over twenty years on children and adolescents with ADD/ADHD. He authored one of the first books devoted to ADD/ADHD family relationship issues, The Hyperactive Child and the Family.

Dr. Taylor is a prolific developer of techniques and resources for ADD/ADHD as well as a frequent speaker. He has authored numerous books and parent educational materials as well as many articles in professional journals, including the "Sharpening Your Counseling Skills" column in the journal Practical Ideas for Counselors. Taylor is a consultant and writer for the recently published Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children (WISC-3). Among his over 200 articles, audio and video productions and books are The Attention Deficit Hyperactive Student at School; Anger Control Training For Children and Teens; Person to Person: Awareness Techniques; Social Skills Solutions Video; Why Can't I Eat That?.

110 pages. 2011



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