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Alex Rotaru. Narrated by Annie Potts

Kids With Cameras DVD

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Kids with Cameras is a one-hour documentary produced and directed by Alex Rotaru, following the progress and challenges of a group of children with developmental challenges including autism spectrum disorder, aged eleven to nineteen, as they engage in an intensive film camp taught by national award-winning educator, Brad Koepenick and organized by Actors for Autism and its founder, Alisa Wolf.

The investigation about the future course of education for autistic children is at the forefront of public consciousness. Recent research, as well as testimonials from parents of children who have attended Brad's camp, indicate that developing autistic children's creative and acting abilities significantly improves their social interaction skills, and is generally overlooked as a therapeutic tool.

Footage of the immersive, cine verite week or activities is combined with revealing moments in the lives of seven young people with Asperger syndrome, and candid interviews with their families, exploring and explaining their own coping strategies. Last but not least, the children's artistic efforts--films, poems, paintings and music--combine to paint a soulful picture of how encouraging and training creativity is a necessary step to connect the exponentially increasing autistic population with the rest of the world.

"This is one of the few documentaries--particularly about autism--that had me laughing out loud right along with the participants. This high-energy video is outstanding."--Hod Gray (SNP)

60 minutes. 2009



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