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Brian Friedlander and Christine Besko-Maugham

iPad--Enhancing Learning and Communication for Students with Special Needs

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Catalog No. 27590The iPad is a revolutionary technology for use in our 21st century classrooms. It is profoundly changing both the manner in which teachers present instructional content, as well as the way students process and learn new information.

The multi-sensory design of the iPad䋢 makes it an ideal tool for teaching students with special needs. This laminated reference guide provides valuable information on the use of the iPad䋢 in classroom settings to reach students with diverse learning styles and who have limited functional communication abilities

Proloquo2Go, iCommunicate and other types of applications (apps) to enhance language development are presented in an easy-to-understand format. An ideal resource for teachers, speech therapists and other educators who work with students who have autism spectrum disorders (ASD), learning disabilities or other language-related challenges.

6 pages. 2012

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