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Liz Franklin

How to Get Organized Without Resorting to Arson

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When we read Liz Franklin's analysis of organization styles...well, she had us nailed.

The woman knows what she's talking about. This book will help anybody with a desk. That's why we carry it.

Here are the tried and true, fun and funny, shocking and surprising inside secrets for organizing yourself, your office, your desk, and even your life!

Find out how to streamline your work area using the little-known methods of Liz Franklin, a funny professional organizer with over 23 years experience. Follow Liz's easy advice and you'll break free from the old organizing rules that didn't work anyway.

Here are some of the juicy topics you'll find inside this amusing yet highly effective new book:

... What's your Organizing Style? (See Chapter 1)

... What are the nine essential organizing supplies? (See Chapter 6)

... What's wrong with most To-Do lists? (See Chapter 11)

... How can you simplify your projects? (See Chapter 12)

... How can you stay organized without ever having to use discipline? (See Chapter 14)

... What should you always throw out the door? (See Chapter 17)

... What are the Magic Questions that, once you learn them, will keep you organized forever more? (See Chapter 18)

You'll find all the answers--and more--inside this step-by-step guide to getting organized--without panic or the use of open flame.

Foreword by beloved San Francisco Chronicle columnist, Jon Carroll. 272 pages. 2003

Together, we're always better. More fun, too.

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