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Sally Kirk

Hope for the Autism Spectrum (Hardcover)

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When Sally Kirk's son, Will, was diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder (ASD), she did everything she could to understand his condition and to find ways of improving his quality of life. In this book, Sally shares the story of her journey with Will and how her discovery of biomedical interventions significantly improved his behavior and changed their lives for the better.

Based on personal experience and extensive biomedical research, the book shows how important it is to understand both the child's mind and body, and explores how, when underlying physical problems are treated, brain function and troublesome behaviors often improve. It describes in depth the most common physical problems for those on the autism spectrum and the variety of treatments available such as minimizing exposure to heavy metals and toxins, alterations in diet, and use of vaccinations.

This positive, practical book tells a personal story of hope and provides a wealth of essential information on biomedical interventions for parents of children on the autism spectrum. It will also be a useful resource for therapists, medical professionals and adults with autism-spectrum diagnoses.

Over the years, the diagnosis of her son Will changed from motor delay to ADHD to Asperger's syndrome despite numerous therapies, special education and treatments. Biomedical interventions, starting three years ago at age eleven, continue to have a dramatic and beneficial impact on Will's life.

"Ms. Kirk's book is clear, concise and informative. She takes rather complicated topics and translates them into easy-to-understand concepts. I highly recommended this book for parents and professionals who want to learn the basics about biomedical interventions."--Steve Edelson, PhD, Director of the Autism Research Institute

"Sally Kirk has written a heart-warming report of her journey into biomedical therapies for her ASD son. Readers will readily identify with the questions she faced about this new way to treat autism. I particularly liked her husband's conversion from skeptic to enthusiastic supporter about these strategies as he saw his son improve. The book is helpful and enjoyable reading, highly recommended for new families starting on the long path of healing for our deserving and wonderful children."--Jaquelyn McCandless, MD, author of Children with Starving Brains and a regular speaker at Defeat Autism Now! conferences

"Sally Kirk has done a fantastic job taking a very complicated subject and explaining it in a way that is easy to understand and even entertaining, while staying true to the science. I think this book is a must-read for every parent of a child with autism and anyone else who wants to better comprehend the medical treatment options for the disorder."--Bryan Jepson, MD, Thoughtful House Center for Children, author of Changing the Course of Autism

"This is a book that transforms the hard-to-understand aspects of autism into everyday language ...not too hard and not too simple - it's just right."--Jon Pangborn, PhD, co-founder of DAN! and co-author of Autism: Effective Biomedical Treatments

"An extremely helpful resource for the newly-diagnosed child with autism spectrum disorder, providing the family with practical information on biomedical interventions, as well as offering emotional support from a mother who's been there."--Kenneth A. Bock, MD, author of Healing the New Childhood Epidemics: Autism, ADHD, Asthma and Allergies

"Parents, particularly moms, have been at the core of the long effort Dr. Bernard Rimland began more than 40 years ago to listen to the individual and collective narratives of children with developmental problems. They, that is moms, were present in the 1995 meeting that initiated the collaborative movement (Defeat Autism Now!) that has given rise to most of the science and practice that Sallie Kirk reviews so eloquently in this book, where you can find the voice, the wisdom and the expertise of a mom whose words will take you up the path and give you her indispensable view of the landscape of autism."--Sidney M. Baker, MD, Co-founder, Defeat Autism Now!

424 pages. 2008

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