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Lynn Kern Koegel and Claire LaZebnik

Growing Up on the Spectrum

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The first comprehensive guide to helping teens with autism--from the authors of Overcoming Autism

With an estimated half a million Americans under twenty-six on the autism spectrum, this book offers the reassurance, solace, and practical solutions that so many people are searching for. Following up on their work in Overcoming Autism, which offered advice for teaching young children on the spectrum, Lynn Koegel and Claire LaZebnik now present strategies for working with teens and young adults living with this complex condition. Addressing universal parental concerns, from first crushes and a changing body to how to succeed in college and beyond, Growing Up on the Spectrum is a beacon for parents, therapists, and educators alike.

Adolescence is a fraught time for any child. But what if your child is among the more than half million currently estimated to fall on the autistic spectrum? The toddlers diagnosed during the first wave of this epidemic are growing up, and there is alarmingly little information available on how to guide them to independent and successful adulthood.

At the renowned Koegel Autism Research Center in Santa Barbara, Lynn Koegel regularly helps parents tackle these issues every day. Like the acclaimed Overcoming Autism, Growing Up on the Spectrum integrates Koegel's strategies and interventions with the questions and concerns of Claire LaZebnik, a writer and the parent of a teenager with autism. Additional pieces by LaZebnik's sixteen-year-old son Andrew offer a unique first-person perspective.

Addressing universal parental concerns, from first crushes, a changing body, and the challenges of being socially appropriate to how to succeed at college and beyond, this inspiring volume is the beacon of hope and wisdom that parents, therapists, and educators have been waiting for.

Lynn Kern Koegel, PhD, cofounded and is a clinical supervisor at the Autism Research Center at UC Santa Barbara.

Claire LaZebnik is a writer with four children, one of whom has autism.

400 pages. 2010

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