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Jaynie R. Wood with Jo Berkus. Illusstrated by Joan Selwyn

Going to the Hospital...What Will I See?

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Catalog No. 26619Going to the Hospital...What Will I See? is a book to familiarize children and their families with the initial procedures when hospitalization becomes necessary. It's well-documented that when patients are partners in their treatment, anxiety is lessened and recuperation time is often more rapid.

In the book, hospital personnel are introduced and their tasks are described. Procedures and the reasons for them are discussed. The patient learns what he can do to help the doctors and nurses. The people wearing funny clothes are highly skilled in helping your child feel better, and the child-friendly illustrations serve to aid in understanding the process. And as you will see, there are also reasons for big smiles during your child's stay in the hospital.

Jaynie Wood is a native of Santa Barbara, California where she lives and works. She is a Child Life Specialist with a Master's degree from Laverne University and was Instrumental in creating the Cottage Hospital CLS program, now in its 12th year. She enjoys spending time with her 3-year-old Leonberger, Rowan, a Pet Assisted Therapy Dog. In addition to her full-time position at Cottage, she and Rowan spend much of their time visiting pediatric patients in the hospital where Jaynie was born. She feels she has come full circle.

Jo Berkus is an English Major and an avid sportswoman. She served in the Special Olympics under Eunice Shriver and taught sports to children world-wide. She was twice the Women's World Champion in Frisbee and was the first woman inducted into the Frisbee Hall of Fame. She serves on the Teddy Bear Cancer Foundation Board, and volunteers in the pediatric ward at Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital.

Artist Joan Selwyn taught art at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, and is a collector of vintage children's books. She has served on the Boards of Otis Art Institute, Music Academy of the West, Blue Ribbon Los Angeles County Music Center and was Protocol Manager for the 1984 Los Angeles Olympic Art Festival.

44 pages. 2009

Together, we're always better. More fun, too.

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