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Lori Ernsperger and Danielle Wendel

Girls Under the Umbrella of Autism Spectrum Disorders

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Catalog No. 24860Co-authored by an experienced professional and a mother of a young girl on the autism spectrum, this much-awaited book combines the best of both worlds as it gives a voice to girls under the umbrella of autism spectrum disorders. The authors provide insightful first-hand accounts of girls' lives along with research-based strategies and practical techniques for addressing the unique needs of girls on the spectrum while nurturing and developing their gifts and talents.

Throughout each chapter, you will find descriptions of interventions and strategies designed to improve specific behaviors at home, at school, and in the community. Throughout, the emphasis is on what sets girls apart from boys on the spectrum in an effort to ensure that their unique needs are met and their special talents are fostered and nurtured.

Chapter 1 defines the characteristics of girls with ASD and covers the early first signs, the diagnosis, and treatment strategies.

Chapter 2 focuses on early childhood issues and behavioral concerns.

Chapter 3 covers the school-age years (6-11 years) and reviews school placement decisions, therapy options, and social skill development for girls.

Chapter 4 targets adolescence and early adulthood (12-18 years).

Chapter 5 summarizes the authors' findings based on extensive interviews, a review of the literature, and their personal and professional experience.

The extensive coverage of girls from early childhood through adolescence and early adulthood gives parents and educators access to a wealth of information. The addition of personal vignettes by families and girls living with ASD makes this both a heartfelt and a very practical resource.

243 pages. 2007

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